Group Training

  • Fun and productive with quick results 

  • Several days per week for 45-50 minutes each workout

  • Body weight resistance, machines, free weights, and fat-blasting cardio

  • A 5-min warm-up to ensure your blood is pumping and your body is ready to perform

  • Increased metabolism for hours following your IMPACT workout

  • The gratifying reward of 5 minutes of total body stretching that will leave you feeling accomplished, happy, and inspired!

While the workouts are intense, Lynnette is a certified professional who knows how to modify the exercises for all levels and abilities. You will be instructed to perform as much as you can handle, given modifications for your abilities, and will be supported in achieving the results you desire. There is no "keeping time" to the music! Your group training is designed so that each participant is performing at their OWN level and no one is ever "left behind." In just four weeks, your abilities will be heightened and you will be on your way to a new fitness level. 

IMPACT is more than a workout, it's a LIFESTYLE!

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